Hey girls!

Do you want the opportunity to get an extra discount on your prom dress? Do you want the opportunity to model pretty dresses? Do you want to help your friends get an extra discount? Then apply to be a BE Prom Rep toady!


BE Prom Reps get:

♥ 10% off your prom dress purchase ♥

♥ an extra 5% off for every friend you refer who buys a dress ♥

♥ featured on our social media wearing the newest dresses ♥

♥ a goodie bag ♥


Each friend will receive 5% off for being referred by you!


All you have to do to become a prom rep is sign up below and we will go over applications and choose our girls! Fill out the form below with your Name, School, Age, Email, & a brief message about why you should be considered. Application must be received by February 24th to be considered.

Prom reps are required to post about us at least twice on all social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) & bring in at least one friend.
Maximum discount cannot surpass 30% off including 10% for being a rep. This means you can earn up to 20% off by bringing in 4 friends who then purchase a prom gown through us.

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