Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we get quite regularly. Feel free to ask one of these to us directly or throw another question our way!

Do I need an appointment?

The short answer is no, an appointment is not required to look at or try on anything at our store. The long answer is that with an appointment, you will get more one-on-one help if the store were to be busy at the time you visit. Appointments are suggested for Saturdays. All customers will get quality assistance, whether with an appointment or not! We are currently offering after hours appointments on Mondays, Sundays, & Saturdays only. After hours appointments require at least a week's advance notice and a $75 non-refundable deposit, that deposit will then be applied toward your gown.

Can I bring pictures of dresses that I like/have tried on before?

Absolutely! We may not carry the specific brand but chances are great that we have something similar. If you bring in pictures of styles you like, we have a great starting point for you. Just make sure to also bring an open mind!

What is your price range?

For gowns, our prices start at $298 and go up to $1,998. For bridesmaids, our prices range from $85 to $215. For mothers, our prices range from $60 to $260. For prom, our prices range from $70 to $400. We have a one of a kind room that has discontinued bridesmaids dresses for $25 and gowns for $99 every day. We are always running specials as well.

What should I bring with me?

 A few things are needed for your appointment, first and foremost, appropriate undergarments. A professional bridal consultant may be assisting you in the dressing room and health codes require underwear for trying on. Bring ideas of styles you like. Most brides have been looking at photos on Pinterest and admiring dresses. This is a good starting place for picking a style and can help your consultant guide you in gown selection. But remember not everyone is a six foot tall, size 4 model, so keep an open mind in gown selection. It is also a good idea to think about your budget. Our dresses range in price from $99 up to $2,000. The national average for a gown is around $1,500.

We also recommend you keep your entourage under 5 people. We welcome any number of people, but oftentimes more than that can result in your voice and vision being discarded in favor of your party's opinions. There is such a thing as too many opinions! We also have limited seating. We also welcome children in store, but require them to be watched (or distracted with a tablet or phone) at all times. We have many expensive gowns and accessories in store and any damage caused by children in store is covered at the expense of the customer.

What sizes do you carry in store?

In store we have wedding gowns starting at a size 4 all the way up to size 26W, some having corset backs which means they can accommodate for a larger size. We have up to a size 26 in bridesmaids dresses to accommodate those who do not fit in a standard "sample size," typically an 8-14.

What sizes can you order?

Wedding gowns we have in store can be ordered from sizes 0, in some cases, up to size 28 for most companies (and up to 32 for others!). Bridesmaid sizes range from company to company, with most being size 2 up to size 28, with some being 0-36!

Do I have to pay in full before we can order?

We require payment in full. You may receive additional discounts on your gown at manager's discretion. Bridesmaids dresses must be paid in full. Payment options are available, but any item not paid in full at the time of ordering or purchase may be subject to interest fees.

How long does it take for my dress to come in?

It typically takes four to six months to order your wedding gown. It can take longer if you customize your dress (hollow to hem, etc). We recommend leaving a month to two months for alterations. If you don’t have eight months before your wedding date, don’t panic: we have options such as rush orders (extra charges apply), in-stock availability, and selling gowns off the rack. Bridesmaids dresses typically take 8-12 weeks to come in. Rush shipping is also available for an added charge.

Do you do alterations in store?

Currently, we do not offer alterations in store. Alterations are not included in the price of the gown or dress. We currently refer out for alterations. You are not required to use our recommendations if you know someone else that you trust or prefer to use. 

Can we take photos?

You absolutely can! Photos are a great way to remember which dresses you liked (and those you didn't!) and can make any future visits much easier. They are also a great thing to add to your wedding scrapbook! :)

Do you accept returns/give refunds?

Returns are not accepted, as most gowns and bridesmaids dresses are special ordered. Once they are purchased, they are yours. Deposits are non-refundable. All sales are final.

What is the store's cancellation policy?

Per store policy, you have 90 days from the date of the cancellation/postponement to pick up your orders. Any merchandise left in-store after the 90 days is considered abandoned and will be forfeited to the store. Absolutely no refunds, exchanges, or in-store credits will be given.


Ordering Online FAQ

I saw a picture of my dress on an online website and it was half the price of the dress in your store. Why can they sell it so cheap?

Because it is not the same dress or manufacturer. Other countries do not have copyright laws and will steal images from other companies to use as their own. They will then create the cheapest possible counterfeit from the image. The style, fit, construction, fabric and color will not be the same as what you tried on in the store. While we understand that price can be a deciding factor for many, we stress to our customers not to order online. You will end up with something you didn't order and may end up spending even more than you would have originally on fixing the mistake, not to mention the stress and possible tears involved. We have many price-conscious options to make everyone's dream a reality, brides and prom girls alike. 


If you have any questions that we haven’t already answered, feel free to give us a call, or send us an email.